Rail transportation

Main competitor to road transport is Railway.  Best way to save more money it is change road to rail logistic. 

Let`s check together,  what  is more efficient to your business  Road or  Rail.


It is efficient and easy.

+Navis Railway Service

    Navis Rail service is designed specifically for customers who prefer outsourcing logistic service.

    Our team of professionals will make your comfortable and reliable logistics.

    We provide a full range of services.

    • Transit
    • Imports
    • Export
    • Cross-Docking
    • Customs clearance
    • Wagons traffic control
    • Transit Time control
    • Wagons supply managemnt


    Europe - Asia


    Check the cost and place an order:

    + 38 044 339 9050


+Service at border crossings in Ukraine

    Crossing of the Europe \ Asia border is a crucial moment in the supply chain and transportation of goods from \ to Europe.

    Navis Rail offers service at border crossings.

    •  Cross-docking, axle changing 
    • documentation support
    • survey services
    • customs clearance 
    • storage 

     Check the cost and place an order:

    + 38 044 339 9050



+Service at the railway stations in Ukraine

    One of the most wide network of railway is in Ukraine. Each railway station is a transport hub.

    Navis Rail provides service to the main railway stations of Ukraine:


    • Cross - Docking 
    • Customs Clearance 
    • Storage
    • Documentation support

    Check the cost and place an order:

    + 38 044 339 9050



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