Customs service

Customs clearance service is Value Added Service.

This service gives you additional flexibility in Logistics!!!



 Get your advanatges:

  • Assistance trade service: What is your Taxes and Duties? How to calculate it? Call us we do it!
  • Fast Service: it take only 4 hours, and your goods are customs cleared.
  • Professional team work and quality service
  • More then 10 years experience 

Service network in UA:

  • Yahodin (UA \ Poland border)
  • Lvov\Krakovets (UA \ Poland border)
  • Chop\Uzhgorod (UA \ Hungary & Slovakia border)
  • Kiev
  • Odessa\Chernomorsk (Sea Prots - Sea Gate of Ukraine)
Negotiate cooperation:
+38 044 339 9050


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