Service in ports

Ukrainian ports have  specifics and therefore it is very important to have a reliable service there. We pay special attention to the inport service.

Specially created service «NAVIS Port» will be a reliable partner for your logistics.


    Ukrainian ports very convenient for transit traffic. Our specialists successfully work with transit cargo.

    Reliability of service is important for our partners in neighboring countries: Russia, Moldova, Belarus.

    Transit services in the ports of:

    • Overloading of cargo from / to railway or road transport
    • Registration of transit documents: CMR, TIR, transit declaration
    • Fumigation
    • Survey services
    • Registration of goods in Customs
    • Storage

    The basis of the import trade transaction is to reduce the time between the money received for the goods and the receipt of the product.

    The speed of delivery - that's what we focus on import.

    We constantly monitor the movement of ships and prepare customers for timely action to obtain goods at ports.

    If in the course of your commercial transaction occurred unplanned delays in the provision of documents or the arrival of the ship in port, we always take preventive measures to reduce the additional costs associated with this (demurrage detention, storage at the port, and others.).

    Imported services in ports:

    •   Survey services
    •   Overloading of cargo containers on the railway or road
    •   Registration of goods in Customs
    •   Weigh
    •   Customs inspection
    •   Storage
    •   Registration of the transport documents: CMR, railway consignment note
    •   Extra sealing of containers
    •   Insurance
    •   Sampling

    Basis of the export trade transaction is - as quickly as possible to obtain the money for the goods sold!

    Logistics, it's just inevitable physical movement of goods.

    We pay attention to every aspect of the export shipment. It is important that the goods have been shipped in accordance with your trading strategy and the timely provision of the bill of lading or other documents necessary for the payment of goods sold.

    Export services in ports:


    •  Preparation of export certificates: GHI, Health, Vets
    •  Issue of bills of lading and export declarations
    • Fumigation
    • Survey services
    • Overloading of goods from railway or cars in the container
    • Registration of goods in Customs
    • Weigh
    • Customs inspection
    • Storage
    • The selection of container equipment
    • Insurance
    • Sampling
+Ports of Ukraine


    • Illichivs'k
    • Odessa
    • Yuzhnuy
+Container Terminals


    • TIS
    • HPC
    • BKP
    • KTI

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